Cast Iron Fittings

Ensuring your home and garden look exactly the way you want and functions exactly the way you want can seem tiresome, as you’re always chasing the next best thing or trying to keep up with the ever-changing list of what’s in style. Cast iron fittings provide you with optimal functionality and a style that will add a timely charm to any décor, in any year – whether today or in 25 years’ time.

Kitting out your property with cast iron fittings? At Hammer & Tongs, we’ve got you covered with practicality and style.

Hammer & Tongs is all about cast iron fittings for your doors, garden, or household fixtures. Issuing a 2-year warranty with every product we sell, we believe in each and every one to give you exactly what it is you’re looking for, and more. This blog covers our whole range of cast iron fittings, teaching you a thing or two and helping you find what you need.

Cast Iron Door Furniture

cast iron door fixtures

Door Handles Add the finishing touch to your door with our cast iron door handles. Door handles weather constant use, harsh conditions and add to your property security. This is why cast-iron fittings are so beneficial because they are durable and resilient, so you will face a lifetime worry-free about your cast iron door handle, it will stay in the pristine condition it came in on day one. Our range is finished with a black-powder coat to enhance its rustic charm, whether you choose the Rustic Fleur De Lis door handle or the traditional Offset Wrought Iron door handle. We have a great range of styles and sizes, from 102mm to 204mm, for you to browse, we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Door Knobs Highlight a touch of authentic Tudor design to your front door with our cast iron door knobs. Our selection of rustic door knobs is available in a traditional round or oval design, or a more decorative octagonal design, in the charming raw cast iron look, black or brass. Our rim and mortice door knobs are perfect for you no matter your locking mechanism; they fit with both rim and mortice locks. Whether you need just the one, or a pack of ten to add the same charm to every interior door, we have the door knob for you.

Door Knockers Whether choosing to have a door knocker for the functionality or the aesthetics, browse our cast iron door knockers to find the perfect one for you. Our range covers the antique vibe of a Fleur De-Lis knocker, the patriotic history of the Lion Head and the classic, traditional rustic door knocker. Available in multiple sizes, all finished with a black-powder coat, they will add timeless charm to any style of door. From a functional angle, cast iron door knockers will provide you that longevity and reassurance from a robust and dependable material that also captures the gazing attention of all passers-by.

Door Plates Protecting your door is an important part of keeping it looking smart, especially in commercial buildings – our solution: cast iron door plates, AKA, door push plates. Made from the highest quality, they are available in 300x65mm, with a black-coated powder finish. This cast iron fitting will defend against scuffs and harsh forces, and all things in between, all while looking the same way it did the day you bought it.

Escutcheon Plates An extremely simple, yet effective, way to upgrade your door is by adding an escutcheon plate. Made from cast iron, this fitting will last a life time with its immense resilience, there will be no battle lost, whether faced with constant use or harsh weathers, cast iron escutcheons will remain reliable. Choose from a rustic oval escutcheon plate, a rectangle shape for a uniform look or a flare of character with the arrowhead plate, there’s bound to be something for you. They are all finished off with a black-powder coat and come in the optimal size of 50mm, perfect to create a feature piece and protect your key hole from damage and rust, and even the invasion of dust and insects.

House Numbers Add a special touch to your front door with our cast iron rustic numerals; not only do they play practical part in allowing people to find your house, but they also add a certain distinctiveness. This cast iron fitting looks great on both a period country cottage and a modern, classy home and everything in between, assuring you the upmost reliable and durable feature to last a lifetime, despite any harsh weathers. Showing off the natural, raw cast iron appeal and measuring 76mm, whether you need number 2 or 2050, these rustic numbers will serve to complement your exterior in the most classy and elegant way.

Letterbox Plates Yet another feature adding to both the functionality and aesthetic of your front door is the letter box; the letter box serves the practical side of it while the letterbox plate allows you to create the aesthetic you want. Our range of cast iron letterbox plates can add a timely rustic or, antique charm to the exterior of your property, both with a black powder coated finish suiting any style of door. Available in a selection of sizes, we’re sure to have the right one for you, but be sure to measure your letterbox first to ensure you purchase the right one!

Cast Iron Fixtures and Fittings

cast iron hooks

Brackets The prominent advantage of cast iron fittings is the immense durability and strength of iron, so what better material to curate handrail brackets with? Also, aesthetically, the prominent advantage is its rustic appeal that satisfies any décor, especially with the gorgeous black powder coated finish we supply. Carefully and skilfully designed, such a minimal feature will have so much presence in your home, or commercial building, complementing, and enhancing any look. Sold in singular packs, or packs of 2, 4 and 10, we have exactly what you need to carry the look right through your property.

Drawer Pulls Elegantly complement your drawers, cupboards and cabinets with our cast iron drawer pulls. Available in a variety of styles, including a simple curve or rectangle, a bolder wide lip, or a distinctive fluted design, in the natural raw beauty of cast iron, a black powder coated finish or a noticeably modest brass finish. Whether you want a larger drawer pull at 129x45mm or a smaller more delicate 95x40mm, or a mix of both for a diverse look, we have the cast iron fitting for you, all you have to do is add it to your basket! If you want to keep a uniformed look across the room, we have packs of 2, 4, 6 and 10 drawer pulls, each and every one curated to provide you with optimum durability.

Hooks Hooks are an essential must-have, whether hidden behind a cupboard door, on the back of a door or on display in the hallway. With our vast range of styles, you will find the perfect discrete, characterful, or antique cast iron hook to add some rustic charm to your property. Available in sizes from 40mm all the way to 140mm, colours including brass, black, white, grey, and even the natural, raw cast iron look, you can purchase yours in singular packs or packs of 2, 4, 6 and 10. Cast iron fittings provide you ultimate durability and strength, so no matter if you’re hanging your going-out hat, or your thick, wool overcoat, or two, our hooks will hold in place bringing you a lifetime of handy storage. Choose between an immense range of styles, such as a standard single coat hook or a double, even a single heart hook or an arrowhead hook, or perhaps a horse shoe or ceramic ball end hook suits you most. Browse these styles and even more!

Hinges Extremely discrete yet effective in décor, our vast range of cast iron hinges can boost your interior with minimal changes. Our range covers everything from the traditional T-hinge, an antique Fleur de-lis design, a simplistic arrowhead, or an ornate, more attention-grabbing design. Whether you’re looking for a T-hinge or a cabinet hinge, our cast iron fittings have got you covered. All finished off with a black powdered coat they will complement any décor, in any room. Also, with a range of sizes you’ll be sure to find the one, or dozen, for you – available in packs up to 12 you can coordinate every hinge in your house.

Shelf Brackets Enhance the useful part shelves play with carefully designed cast iron shelving brackets. Cast iron fittings like this provide immense durability to hold whatever it is you need to store, or display, meanwhile, adding detail to the shelves, complementing any décor with a rustic charisma. With the options of a raw iron or sophisticated black finish, you can choose between a simple iron shelf bracket or an industrial vibe scaffold board, scroll iron or curved, or for more of a feature piece, an ornate or honeycomb design. No matter the room they play their part, they will bring out the character of the room in a simple, modest way. With various sizes available you will find the perfect cast iron shelving bracket for your room, whether displaying your most prized photos or holding all your favourite cookbooks.

Toilet Roll Holders Our range of cast iron toilet roll holders play an essential part in keeping your bathroom tidy, organised, and looking good. With a simple elegant, curly iron design and an industrial iron and wood design to choose between you’ll find the ideal cast iron fitting to enhance your bathroom. The natural raw appeal of iron gives you that rustic magic, Victorian look, perfect for any home or commercial bathroom. Solid iron fittings in the bathroom are a great addition because of their durability and resistance to corrosion, no matter how much water or perfume gets splashed around. With delicate designs enabling sliding the loo roll on to refill or popping one side out, you’re getting a great look without all the complicating additions – as with modern things these days!

Window Fasteners Perfect for period style, country homes or traditional style window frames, cast iron window fasteners are a great touch, particularly lovely for windows with a central mullion. In a black powder coated finish, we have a selection of window fasteners whether you prefer a simple design or a monkey tail, they will add a spark of rustic character to any room. The benefit of cast iron is its longevity and resilience, assuring you a lifetime of security and style from your windows. We have cast iron fittings for both the left and right, in singular and multipacks, so we’ve got you covered!

Cast Iron Garden Fittings

cast iron gate latch

Bolts Forged from iron, we have the most reliable and durable bolts to add a dose of rustic country charm to your interior. These cast iron fittings have a sophisticated black-powder coated finish perfect for any interior door. We have the perfect cast iron bolt for you, available in various sizes, 100mm to 200mm, and in singular packs or packs of two, it’s only a matter of choosing which one. You can choose between a more conservative Straight Shepherd’s Crook Surface Bolt or a Straight Antique Fishtail Surface Bolt for a touch of character and flare. These cast iron fittings come in two types: straight and cranked. Straight bolts are for fitting on flat, smooth levels while cranked bolts are perfectly designed for uneven levels – it’s important to buy the correct bolt for your surface to ensure accurate fitting.

Cabin Hooks Great for holding open external doors, gates, sheds and barn doors, and even internal doors, our range of cast iron cabin hooks offer a traditional, rustic Tudor design, complementing any garden furniture and buildings. We have a range of sizes available, from 100mm to 200mm, all finished off with a resistant black powder coating, so it will always look as good as the day you bought it. Also, the robust build of cast iron means no matter how many times it swings back and hits the wall, it will continue to stand firm. Browse our cabin hooks to choose between a delicate rustic cabin hook and eye for a simple, functional affect, or a more eye-catching ornate design perfect if you want to create a larger feature.

Gate Latches Gate latches provide both security and aesthetic elements, securely keeping your gate closed and adding décor to your garden. We have a variety of designs available, including the traditional Tudor Suffolk latch or more characterful pieces, like a Rose Ring or Arrowhead gate latch – something to perfectly complement your exterior. These cast iron fittings come in a range of sizes from 100mm to 200mm, so there’s bound to be the one for you. Don’t forget about the benefits of cast iron; providing durability, resilience, and longevity, leaving you with nothing to worry about except which one to choose!



We hope this taught you a thing or two about cast iron fittings and has intrigued you to browse our ranges.
Thank you for reading, we hope you find what you’re looking for, and we look forward to the next blog.

The Hammer & Tongs Team.